How to schedule the next news network

The next network of news sources to debut on TV, digital platforms and mobile will be launched in April 2019, it was revealed on Wednesday.News, Current, Discovery and Fusion will all launch on a platform similar to the new TV networks, and the network will be supported by a raft

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Which of Sony’s PS4 consoles is best to buy?

Sony has a new line of consoles, but it’s not really called PS4.Sony is still calling it the PS4 Pro, and the company has been quietly rolling out a slew of new features to try to appeal to gamers.However, Sony is also releasing a new version of the PS5 console,

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Huawei is rolling out 5G networks in China with a $10 billion fund

Updated September 10, 2018 12:53:30Huawei is expected to announce an investment of $10bn in a new network in China, marking a major milestone in its efforts to become the global leader in 5G connectivity.The Chinese telecoms giant is reportedly investing a total of $11bn in 5g networks and other mobile

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How to watch ‘American Horror Story’ on Hulu Plus

The AMC hit series, which is set in Austin, Texas, is streaming on Hulu.Hulu has said that the original series will premiere in the fall of 2019.The original cast includes Sarah Paulson, Sarah Paul, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Angela Kinsey, Sam Elliott, Sam Witwer, and Evan Peters.The show has been

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Why do people choose to use social networks? The social network’s new algorithms

Google has unveiled its latest algorithm that determines what people will and won’t see when they go online.The company said it is introducing “Social Network” to differentiate its algorithms from those of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Google’s algorithm has a strong bias towards what users expect to see, the company said

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When Will CNN Exit CNN?

A former CNN executive has called for the network to be sold, according to a report published Wednesday.“I think CNN should go out of business,” CNN president Jeff Zucker told Bloomberg, citing CNN’s current financial situation.“I don’t think it’s viable to continue with it.”Zucker said he didn’t want to comment

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