How to get a free flu shot

Here’s how to get your free flu shots in India: 1.

Choose your health plan If you’re not a health plan member, you’ll have to pay Rs 2,200 for the shot.


Choose a plan for the whole family.

You can get your shots at a single health facility, at a hospital or a public health centre.


Pick a location for the test: You can choose the location of your test, the number of doses you want and the number and frequency of tests you want to do. 4.

Take the test Your test should take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.


Wait to take your results until you get your confirmation email from the test provider.


Go to your local pharmacy to get the shot 6.

Write down your name, address, mobile number and the date and time of your first dose.


Take your first shot The first dose lasts for between one and three days.


Wait for your first flu shot Your chances of getting a flu shot are good for up to three days, according to the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH).


Get your second dose after a month You’ll have two doses to take, according the NIPH.


Repeat steps 1-4 for every new test you get.

Your chances will improve as you get older.


Wait until the second flu shot is given for your fourth flu shot.

If you’ve already taken a second flu dose, you won’t have to wait for a third dose.

You will have to take a fourth flu dose if you take the second dose on the same day as the first.


Wait till the fourth flu test is given.

Your odds of getting another flu shot have increased by one in a thousand.


Get the flu vaccine in a pharmacy, a hospital, a clinic or public health center.

If the pharmacy has a lab, you will get a vaccination from the lab.


Wait up to 12 months for a shot You will be required to wait up to 120 days before getting a shot.

The vaccination is mandatory and you can’t get a second shot if you’re still infected after the first shot.


Get a shot every month If you have a test result for the first flu vaccine, you can get a shot after a year.

The second flu vaccine is available at pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.


Check the flu vaccination website Before you start taking your flu shots, you should check the flu website and the immunization guidelines available on it.

Here are the key points to consider: 1) The site says you have to get all your shots within one month.

The site has to be updated with the latest information every month.

2) You can only get a flu vaccine if you have had a flu vaccination before.

If there’s a delay, your chances of catching a flu are increased.

3) You will need to check the vaccination site every month and follow the immunizations.

4) If you do not follow the guidelines, you could get a delayed shot.

5) You need to keep the vaccine up to date, even if you stop taking your shots.

6) The website also says that people need to get their flu shots within six months to protect themselves.

The actual time period is the same as for a regular flu shot and for the vaccine given during the flu season.

7) If your tests come back negative, the vaccine can’t be used for protection.

If a test comes back positive, the immunisation can’t protect you.

8) The vaccine can only be used if you follow all the vaccination guidelines and take all the shots within 72 hours.

9) You should check regularly whether your shots come back positive.

You should also make sure your vaccination records are up-to-date.

10) You must take your flu shot within 48 hours of getting your first vaccine.

If your shot comes back negative after 72 hours, your chance of getting the second vaccine is reduced.

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