Why the government is trying to shut down the Moca network

The Moca networks will no longer operate as an independent service.

The provincial government announced Tuesday that the Mocas, which operate three mobile hotspots in Montreal and Ottawa, will no more provide information services.

Instead, it is seeking to shut them down.

The announcement comes a day after a court ordered the Moccas to cease operations and stop offering mobile phone services in Montreal.

A federal court in Ottawa ordered the companies to cease providing wireless internet service in Ottawa as well.

The Moccases have argued that the government has violated their Charter rights and that it is interfering with their ability to provide essential services.

The government argues that it needs to protect the integrity of the public wireless networks, particularly as mobile hotspot users are not protected by the same regulations that apply to landline and mobile telephone service.

But in a ruling issued Tuesday, the court also said that the federal government has no legal authority to shut the MOCAs down.

It said the companies have complied with all of the conditions that were put in place by the federal regulatory body.

“There is no right or power to prevent the government from regulating these networks,” said Justice Stephen Levesque in his decision.

The decision comes after months of legal wrangling, as the federal court tried to block the government’s plan to end the Moco networks.

In July, the federal Court of Appeal upheld a decision by the courts to allow the Mico networks to continue operating.

The two courts have been at odds over the past decade, with Levesques ruling that the companies’ business model was a “market failure” and his ruling in favour of the federal Crown Prosecution Service arguing that the courts were wrong to find that the Crown Prosecutions Act violated their rights under the Charter.

The Crown Prosesecution Service says that it has received no evidence that it will interfere with the MMCAs’ services.

A spokesman for the government said Tuesday that they are reviewing the decision and will consider the options.

“It is a matter that we will continue to consider in the coming days,” said Jason MacDonald, a spokesperson for Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Marie-Claude Bibeau.

The federal government will also be examining the court’s ruling.

“The Moca Networks are an essential part of the Montreal community,” said MacDonald in a statement Tuesday.

“They are the backbone of the MECS, MOCS and MOCs’ network.

We are working closely with the provinces to ensure that MOC-based services remain viable, viable and functional.”

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