BJP: We need to build a strong, secular nation, PM Modi says

BJP leader and former prime minister Narendra Modi today said the nation’s future lies in building a strong secular nation.

Speaking at the launch of the BJP’s first major policy document in more than three years, Modi said secularism is the bedrock of India and its future lies within the country’s “strong secular nation”.

Modi said the BJP is determined to ensure a strong and secular nation in the future.

“We must build a country with a strong government and secular institutions.

This is the key to a strong India,” he said.

Modi was responding to a question on whether he would be able to form a government with the support of the two opposition parties.


I am sure,” he replied.

“I will give my absolute support to the Congress and the Trinamool Congress.”

Modi also said he has spoken to former prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Jawaharsukh Patel and will discuss their ideas with them in the coming days.

“All these former prime Ministers will be consulted.

The Congress and Trinamools will be our advisers and I will also speak to them,” he added.

Modis prime ministerial candidate Nitin Gadkari also launched the manifesto, which he said would address the “threat of secularism and the rise of nationalism”.

“We are talking about a strong country, which is secular, a strong nation, where there is no fear of communal or communalism, there is a strong faith and there is respect for diversity and tolerance,” he told the gathering.

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