The first day of Android’s first week of sales in India’s biggest market is here

Connect network com, India’s largest mobile network operator, has sold 1.2 million smartphones in the first 24 hours of its sales in the country.

The sale is a first of its kind and has not happened before in India, which has one of the world’s fastest growing mobile data networks.

Connect has been a huge success story, with its revenue growing 50% year-on-year to $6.6 billion in the last quarter.

In India, Connect was the first operator to reach 100 million subscribers in less than six months.

Its growth has also been driven by an uptick in internet users, and its share of the market is up from 25% in the fourth quarter to 29% in June, said Nandini Narasimha, head of research at Techcircle, an app analytics firm.

The success of the network has been aided by a significant number of deals, according to Nandinis research.

The company has been able to get deals with a range of companies in the telecom and entertainment industries, including Amazon, which gave the company access to its cloud-based services.

The deal for 3,500 phones from Flipkart, the largest mobile payment platform in India with over 1.3 billion customers, was the second-biggest in its history.

Flipkast, the Indian e-commerce giant, also gave Connect access to their marketplace.

But the biggest deal for the telecom operator was its deal with Google, which it used to bring its mobile payment service to the Indian market.

Google Wallet, a payment solution Google launched earlier this year, has a user base of more than 15 million people, including nearly 30 million Indians.

It is currently available in over 150 countries, including the US, and is supported by Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

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