U.S. to launch mesh network to help fight opioid crisis

The United States is about to launch a new kind of mesh network that it hopes will help fight the opioid crisis by sharing the information needed to prevent overdoses.

In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, the Trump administration unveiled a plan to create a national emergency network, known as a mesh network, to help connect the country’s communities and businesses.

Mesh networks, or social networks, have emerged in recent years to help people share information about their homes, jobs, health and other needs.

But they also have a history of being abused, with the number of people using the networks exploding in the U.K., where some have been accused of spying on their neighbors and employers.

The Trump administration wants to create an emergency network to better share information on opioid overdose deaths, especially among people in rural areas, and to help reduce the number and severity of overdoses.

The emergency network will provide information to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government agencies to help them plan and respond to opioid-related emergencies.

It will also help prevent overdose deaths and overdose-related injuries, according to the announcement.

Trump said the mesh network will be a key tool for the Trump Administration to “combat the opioid epidemic.”

The president said it would help slow the spread of the disease, “while providing access to a high-quality health care system.”

“We need to make sure that we’re using this network to fight this disease.

And we can’t do that without you, our people, the people that need this information,” Trump said.

The Federal Emergency Manager (FEMA) for the Northeast announced Tuesday that the Federal Protective Service (FPS) would be tasked with providing the network.

The FPS is a Federal agency that oversees the federal government.

The FPS would also provide medical assistance, including opioid medication.

The announcement comes after the Trump White House said on Tuesday it was working with the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand the availability of naloxone, an overdose reversal drug.

The drug, which blocks the opioid’s effects, is being used by police officers, firemen, paramedics, military personnel and other responders who are dealing with a surge in overdoses in the United States, particularly among young people.

Trump has also made a series of promises to combat the opioid problem.

Last week, he signed a bill into law to increase penalties for those who sell fentanyl or heroin in the country.

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