Why Fox News is a ‘fake news’ network

The Associated Press – RICHMOND, Va.

— Fox News Channel was the most watched cable news channel in prime time on Thursday, topping a slate of networks that included NBC’s “Today” and CBS’ “Late Show,” according to Nielsen data.

Fox News was also the most-watched network on cable, beating CNN, MSNBC and ABC News.

The network was ranked No. 2 among cable news outlets on Thursday morning.

It topped CNN and MSNBC on average, with both averaging 1.8 million viewers.

MSNBC and CNN had 2.4 million viewers each.

“Fox News Channel is a real news network that is not biased,” said Peter Berg, president of the Media Research Center.

“They are the only network that has a real independent voice, unlike NBC, CBS or ABC.

They are the epitome of the right-wing media.” “

The problem is that Fox News, as a news channel, is a fake news network.

They are the epitome of the right-wing media.”

Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were the most popular on the network, with more than 2 million viewers on Thursday.

Carlson, Kelly and Wallace are seen in the middle of a segment on the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting.

A photo posted by Fox News (@foxnbc) on Jan 30, 2018 at 2:37pm PST The ratings were up for a third straight week, which could be because of the political debate that has played out on the air.

Carlson had an off day Thursday, dropping 1.9 million viewers, according to Fox News’ live tracking.

Carlson was not among the top 10 cable news personalities on Thursday night, according the data, which also shows he was not in the top 20 in terms of average viewers.

In a poll published by the Associated Press on Wednesday, Carlson’s Fox News ratings were the highest among the network’s top 30 personalities.

“We are seeing that the ratings are really up for Tucker Carlson,” said Richard Deitsch, president and CEO of Media Research, an advocacy group that monitors cable news.

“That was a big surprise, especially after a week where the ratings were down.”

Fox said in a statement Thursday that Carlson has “performed exceptionally well in a variety of programming, including national and international news and current affairs, in recent weeks.”

The network said it was “pleased to report that Fox has achieved a record high viewership.”

Carlson is also seen on Fox News as the chief Washington correspondent.

The ratings data comes as the network continues to face pressure to apologize for the misleading news it spread during the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN, for instance, announced that it was pulling its “New Day” show after Carlson, who had an anti-Trump message, suggested that Trump might be “ready to be assassinated.”

“It was absolutely unacceptable that Fox would suggest that President Trump might have a gun and shoot him,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said in an interview Thursday.

“I don’t think that was ever a question that CNN ever considered.”

CNN also said it would pull “NewDay” from the air after Carlson’s comments.

Carlson’s “New day” program was also suspended on Thursday evening after the network aired an interview with him in which he suggested Trump might want to take a bullet for his wife.

Carlson has denied making those remarks.

“When I say I’m a conspiracy theorist, I’m not a conspiracy nut,” Carlson said Thursday.

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