Why do people choose to use social networks? The social network’s new algorithms

Google has unveiled its latest algorithm that determines what people will and won’t see when they go online.

The company said it is introducing “Social Network” to differentiate its algorithms from those of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Google’s algorithm has a strong bias towards what users expect to see, the company said in a blog post on Monday.

The social networking giant said it wanted to create a new way of “seeing” and “finding” information.

It’s unclear how Google’s algorithms will differ from those used by Facebook, which has a more robust search engine, and Twitter, which uses a different algorithm to identify content.

In a blogpost, Google’s head of product development, Kevin Mitnick, said that Google’s Social Network will work alongside its existing search and ad services to help people find what they’re looking for.

“People will be able to discover and interact with other people from their devices, across platforms, on different platforms and across time zones,” Mitnick wrote.

“We believe this will provide a better experience for users on the web, but also a better way to find people to chat with.”

Facebook and Twitter have been criticised for not doing enough to address the issue of fake news.

Facebook said last week that it had uncovered 1,600 accounts which have been spreading false news in its platform, and has since taken down the accounts.

The news comes as social media giant Twitter continues to face criticism for not taking action to stop the spread of fake accounts.

In March, Twitter suspended users who were seen posting “propaganda”, which is a derogatory term for fake news, and for sharing fake news about the US presidential election.

“If you see someone sharing a story with your account that’s a lie, you can report it immediately,” Twitter said at the time.

“It’s a warning, not a ban.

It says that you can’t repeat this behavior.

It means we will take action if you do it again.”

Earlier this month, Facebook said that it was removing hundreds of fake Facebook pages from the site in an effort to tackle fake news and other content.

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